O mikron O Mega!

Nicholas V. K., Sandy Rousianou and Menelaos Sykovelis. INAOSSIEN Art is pleased to present the works of three established artists with three different preferred mediums, all pioneering in lyricism, boldness and expressive power.
Artworks by:
Menelaos Sykovelis
Menelaos Sykovelis
Omerta by Menelaos Sykovelis
The Dance of Veils by Menelaos Sykovelis
The Dancing Trees by Menelaos Sykovelis
Bird & Shoes by Menelaos Sykovelis & Nicholas V. K.
Nicholas V. K.
Aetna by Nicholas V. K.
ΓΕΩmerty I by Nicholas V. K.
Fleeing Maiden by Nicholas V. K.
Cycladic Idol by Nicholas V. K.
Chaos by Nicholas V. K. & Sandy Rousianou
Chaos - Blue by Nicholas V. K. & Sandy Rousianou
Sandy Rousianou
Red Abstract by Sandy Rousianou
White Peacock by Sandy Rousianou
Kochyli by Sandy Rousianou
Kyma by Sandy Rousianou
Illustrated Exhibition Catalog

O mikron O Mega! Illustrated Exhibition Catalog!

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