Nicholas V. K. is a passionate digital artist who splits his time between Greece, Italy and the UK.
Born in Greece, and a never-ending aficionado of Ancient Greece, a lot of his work pay homage to his ancestors and his homeland.
His distinctive personal style is infused with harmony, influenced not only by his studies in Physics but also by Ancient Greeks.
And his creations elicit a range of emotions, including delight, awe, irritation, and melancholy.
As a child, he has always believed that if you imagine something in your head, you can create it and he received prizes for his innate talent.
Nicholas' fascination with all things digital began almost at the same time as Al Gore announced to the world that he invented the internet.
He is a true rocket scientist at heart, and in his spare time he enjoys researching and discovering new technologies, forthcoming trends, and what is about to happen.
As a result, he is one of the first artists to enter the NFT world, where he now presents his art as a verified creator.
Nicholas V. K.'s work has been featured in traditional exhibitions in Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom, but as a genuine believer in the potential of the internet, he was among the first to engage in online exhibitions and have his work shown in a number of solo and group shows.
His works can be found in both traditional and digital private collections around the world, including Switzerland, Italy, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Greece, to name a few.