Would you ever consider holidaying in Corfu during winter? How about in December or for Christmas? We are quite confident that it has not even crossed your minds since Corfu is always pictured and thought of as a destination for sun and lots of beach time fun.
Of course springs, summers and autumns are an excellent time to visit but if you really want to get to know Corfu and the locals, then visiting during the off-season months is the best thing to do.
Corfu Town is as vibrant as ever with the locals being more relaxed adding a special touch to the overall experience. Weather is usually great with lots of sunny days. Of course, there are days of rain but they never last that long.
Nicholas V. K. has just returned from his winter trip to Corfu and with his images, invites us all to reconsider and visit Corfu at least once during the winter months.

Corfu Old Town! Gazing at Liston and its Beautiful Buildings!

© Nicholas V. K.

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